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YOU DON'T NEED NO HELP for your supervisor conversions. This site is to help you do it yourself.Click here for a step by step conversion guide!! :)


here's some people who went WITHOUT KANDER

How to convert:

The first thing you want to do is see what type of controller you have so that you can know the type of controller that you need to convert from and the type of controller you need to convert to for your building and your system for HVAC. So after you complete this step the next step will be something like turn on your pc or macintosh computer and open up the program that you like to use to look at your system. sometimes it's a system for metasys and sometimes its a system for jace niagara tridium system but either way you will have a program on your computer under start and then programs that will show you the type of system you have and it will tell you the points that you have and the devices. The next step after this is to write down on a scrap paper every one of the devices and the points and the attributes of each point and the attribute of each device and make sure you get all of the attributes of every alarm on every point as well as any trends on each point and be sure you don't miss a single detail or you'll surely start your facility on fire. Make sure you write down the exact name and the units too and make sure that all of the hardware addresses and the descriptions are on your scrap paper too. And make sure that you don't miss any single thing or you will get in huge trouble. After that's done (maybe 100-200 hours) make sure you get your trusty scrap paper and you begin to record all of the logic as well. Make sure you don't miss a single command otherwise you might lose your job and/or cause a major disaster. After that make sure that you get everything else that I forgot to mention. Make sure you get schedules too, just write it all down. It's so easy to do. Just write it okay? Then after this you will need to say to yourself "Hmm, what type of system do I need instead of this old rotten one?" And then when the answer comes to you make sure you write it on your scrap paper. Now at this point you should have a piece of scrap paper with 10,000 - 15,000 points, devices, logic details, and every attribute for every item recorded on it, all in one convenient place for you to begin to construct the new station that perfectly matches every single element of your old system. Take a moment to remember how easy this is, and to pat yourself on the back for going WITHOUT KANDER. Now after your special pats you can go ahead and look at your scrap paper for where you wrote down which system you will be converting these lovely points to. Once you have read that and memorized the answer, open up your PC or macintosh and go to start > programs and then go to your new system. Once you see the new one open you should go ahead and look at your sheet of scrap paper and start writing onto the computer what you wrote down. Remember how easy this is, and what a good decision it was for you to do this yourself. Once you wrote down the name of the new station in your new system, then move on to writing down the device names into your new system. And then don't forget to write down every single attribute of every single device on your list from your entire facility, and then after this is complete you will begin to write down every single point onto every single device, and don't forget even a single detail from your scrap paper you little cheater! Don't cut corners or you will get yelled at by your boss and then you will go home to your sad lonely life and eat a frozen dinner and will not enjoy it because your shame from missing some attributes has captivated your mind to such an extent that every thought you have is filtered through the lens of crushing despair that your have inherited when you decided to do this project on your own. And after that you will need to make sure to double check everything, because seriously you don't want to miss a point or give a point the wrong states text or forget an alarm or set the history reporting interval too high. So every 5 minutes or so make sure you stop and double check everything against your master scrap paper to ensure that it is all perfect. So then after this make sure you remember how easy this is to do yourself, and then go ahead and start duplicating the logic. Just look at your scrap paper where you wrote down all the programming from your old system and then write that into the new system. And be sure that it's perfect or a fire could ignite when you least expect it. Once you finished all of this (maybe 100-300 more hours), you will feel so proud and finally you will be able to enjoy your frozen dinners again because the obsidian cloud of crushing despair will have lifted from your mind and you will be feeling refreshed and happy in every area of your life, and you will also know deep down in your heart of hearts that you made such a great decision when you decided to go WITHOUT KANDER.

(Your on youre own.)